The Best Historical Fantasy Movies of 2022

If you love historical fantasy movies, you’ll want to see these movies in 2022. Some of these movies are based on books, such as the epic Russian historical fantasy Land of Legends. Other movies on this list include Hellboy and Princess Mononoke. Which one is your favorite?


If you love dark fairytales, you’ll love Errementari, a Netflix fantasy film about a young girl who ends up in a world of demons. Patxi, the main character, survived the First Carlist War with the help of a demon. Now she lives in a small village as a blacksmith. Her daughter, Usue, accidentally frees the demon.

Set in 19th-century Spain, Errementari is a Basque retelling of the classic tale The Smith and the Devil. A mysterious blacksmith, Paxti, finds a lost treasure in the village, and the villagers fear he’ll steal it. But Paxti is more than just a blacksmith; he’s a wizard with a dark, evil side.

If you enjoy science fiction and fantasy, Netflix has an abundance of titles in both genres. The streaming service’s library can seem endless, with titles ranging from Oscar winners to carefully hidden gems. It’s difficult to narrow down the choices, but there’s no shortage of great films to watch.

Land of Legends

The premise of Land of Legends is simple: Prince Mikhail of Great Perm (Ivan Reitman) is a prince of the Ural. He is under pursuit by the forces of Moscow, but he finds help from local people and old gods.

The director John Boorman has a history of crossing genres and combining his intellectual interests with a breathtaking visual presentation. His previous films have included Deliverance, Hope and Glory, and Point Blank. Land of Legends is no exception to that rule.

The storyline revolves around the fate of the land. After a traumatic storm destroys a city, the surviving people sacrifice a maiden to the sea every year to pacify the gods. Each year, a different maiden is sacrificed to the sea. But this year, Shim Cheong is chosen as the next sacrifice. In her place, Mina leaps into the water, where she confronts the Sea God. With her newfound freedom, she must save her kingdom before the time runs out.

This sci-fi thriller follows the events of Shards of Earth. The Architects have returned, and a group of Intermediaries – humans with special powers who can communicate with them – has to stop the Architects from destroying the planet. In this way, they can help save humanity from destruction.


The upcoming film Hellboy is a dark and macabre tale. The main character, Hellboy, is back in a contemporary setting to track down his former colleague from the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. Their investigation leads them to an underground wrestling competition, where the contest turns into a battle against vampires. The film stars Ron Perlman, who reprises his role as Hellboy. He throws his claw at the baddies and absorbs their blows.

Despite the gruesome violence, “Hellboy” captures the thrill of reading comic books. The film also packs in many characters and storylines without feeling overstuffed. The result is a film that feels free-wheeling, with some strange detours into Mayan mythology and Arthurian legend.

The film also features an absurd father-son subplot that highlights the gap between script and direction. The lead actor, David Harbour, lacks the agreeable wit of former “Stranger Things” star Ron Perlman. Harbour’s Hellboy voice sounds like a fart in an elevator. The film also features a voice-over duo that’s superfluous.

The director of Hellboy is Frank Marshall, who is well known for his creepy cave monster movie “The Descent,” and he has recently shown a fondness for medieval storytelling. His upcoming medieval drama “Centurion” looks like a dry run for Game of Thrones, and this film may be aimed at fans of HBO.

Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke is one of Studio Ghibli’s best-known animated movies, and it’s a stunning example of the type of storytelling the studio is known for. The movie is a complex fantasy with elaborate character designs and an epic storyline inspired by Japanese mythology. The story follows Ashitaka, a young girl raised by wolves. She finds herself drawn into a world of powerful animal gods and mythical creatures.

While the film contains many mature themes, it’s not intended for young children. The main character, the wild wolf princess, has a deep mistrust of humans and can be quite self-loathing at times. Its message is more complex and meaningful than most Ghibli movies, even those aimed at children. The film is also a visually stunning piece of art, with stunning animation and a fantastic score by Joe Hisaishi.

Set during the late Muromachi era of Japan, the film combines elements of both fantasy and reality. The plot revolves around the conflict between human beings and forest gods, and the lives of both. Ashitaka and the forest gods are portrayed as battling against each other to preserve the forest for their people.

The Japanese studio Ghibli has been at the forefront of anime production since the late 80s, and Princess Mononoke is no exception. This historical fantasy film has won several awards, including Best Film at the Mainichi Film Awards and Best Home Video Release at the Saturn Awards.

Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle

Mowgli is a human child raised by wolves in the Indian jungle. He learns the rules of the jungle from his pack mates Bagheera and Baloo and is eventually accepted into the jungle community. However, the fearsome tiger Shere Khan does not take a liking to Mowgli and he soon faces danger when he discovers his human origins.

The plot of the movie begins with Mowgli being rejected by his pack because he is an albino. Then, he is kidnapped by a bandar-log tribe. They take him to Shere Khan, and Shere Khan scars him. Then, Baloo and Bagheera arrive to rescue him but are overwhelmed by the monkeys. They are finally saved by Kaa, who scares off the monkeys and saves Mowgli.

The movie also stars Cate Blanchett as an old wise woman who narrates the prologue. Andy Serkis plays a vicious tiger, Shere Khan, and several other animals. The movie also stars John Lockwood, who played Drill Sergeant Nasty in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle is a dark adaptation of Kipling’s story and is not suitable for young children. The storyline is not very child-friendly, as Mowgli’s parents are killed off-screen, leaving him bloody and muddy. While Mowgli is not portrayed as frightening, he suffers some horrific injuries and eventually loses his life.


“Outlander” is based on the bestselling novel series by Diana Gabaldon. The film follows the adventures of a former World War II nurse, her husband, an MI6 officer, and her romance with a Scottish Highland warrior. The plot is full of adventure, history, romance, and time travel.

The storyline follows a former British army nurse named Claire Randall as she makes her belated honeymoon trip to Scotland. Along the way, she discovers the ancient standing stones and is thrust into the past two centuries ago. There, she must survive in a different world and think on her feet to survive, while also discovering her destiny.

“Outlander” has a post-modern take on historical romance. Amanda Rooper plays a young woman obsessed with Jane Austen who discovers a portal to the Bennet family’s attic. Through the portal, she finds herself immersed in a fictional version of the Georgian era.

Outlander is Starz’s answer to the HBO’s Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones. Both series are historical fiction, but Downton Abbey has a much wider audience and will probably reach a cultural prominence that Outlander won’t. Outlander’s themes are similar to those of Downton, but focus on womanhood and a feminist critique.

Fans of the television series will be thrilled to see Season Seven of this historical romance. It has already finished its sixth season, which consists of 75 episodes. The seventh season, despite restrictions on filming, will be extended with sixteen more episodes of pure romance.

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