The Best Musical Movies of 2022

During the next year, there will be a new musical hitting theaters, and this year’s lineup has a number of hits. These include Beauty and the Beast, Hairspray, and West Side Story. These films will surely be remembered for years to come. But, in addition to the classics, we are sure to see a few new movies that aren’t even out yet.


Hairspray is one of the best musicals in the past two decades. The cult classic, which starred John Travolta as the protagonist’s mother, is turning 15 in 2022. It is still a classic and well-worth rewatching today. The film follows the adventures of teenage Tracy Turnblad, who dreams of becoming a superstar. She aspires to be a singer and dancer on a TV dance show, and gets a chance to do so.

While the film is not a perfect remake, it does have its moments. It is a lighthearted romp with good songs and bright visuals. It does not have the dark underbelly that made High School Musical and Step Up so popular, but it holds together nicely.

There are many musicals on Netflix. These movies are fun and can make you feel giddy and energetic. You can sing along to the songs and dance to the beat of the music. The film also features a cast of multiple singers who deliver top-notch harmonies.

Hairspray also explores racial prejudice and issues related to freedom of expression. It also highlights the importance of accepting and respecting differences. The movie also tackles issues such as fat-shaming and the treatment of women. The cast includes Divine and a variety of celebrities.

Beauty and the Beast

Disney’s 1991 animated film Beauty and the Beast has earned critical acclaim as one of the year’s most memorable musicals. The film was nominated for two Academy Awards, including Best Original Song (“Be Our Guest”) and Best Original Score. It has become a beloved Disney classic and is set in a world where a young woman must learn to love the Beast in order to return to his human form.

The new live-action version of Beauty and the Beast is due to be released later this year. It will feature live-action musical performances interwoven with scenes from the animated film. The format is similar to one used by ABC when it screened a tribute to The Little Mermaid in November. The film will also feature H.E.R. as Belle, making her the first Afro-Filipina actress to play the role.

The new version of Beauty and the Beast reunites the beloved characters from the original, including a wacky villain played by Christian Bale. As the Beast’s father, the Beast must work out his differences with Belle, a young girl who finds her way to love him. In the end, both of them must overcome their differences to find their inner strength.

Rob Marshall has brought the musical genre back to Hollywood. The film features a cast that includes Bill Murray and Steve Martin as well as the legendary composer Alan Menken and librettist Howard Ashman. The movie has the power to make its audience feel nostalgic, but it also makes a few subtle societal points about sexuality and conformity.

West Side Story

If you’re looking for a new musical film, you’ve probably heard about “West Side Story.” The musical has been making the rounds since it was released in 1961. But since then, there have been many changes to the film. This time around, it features Latino performers playing Puerto Rican characters, and it also has a strong LGBTQ+ influence. This is a particularly important change considering the four men who wrote the original musical were Jewish and gay. But the new film adaptation’s screenwriter, Tony Kushner, has chosen to honor the original story with an LGBTQ+ theme.

The film is a work of art, and it won the Best Picture Oscar. However, it is difficult to watch in high definition, especially with the fact that so many of the characters are in thick makeup and brownface. Moreover, you might have to deal with some scenes that show people looking Latino while they’re not.

The musical is also rated PG-13 for its depiction of violence. The violence in this movie isn’t graphic, but it’s realistic and packs a punch. In addition, you can discuss the film’s racial and class stereotypes and how the law enforcement is depicted.

The classic American musical “West Side Story” was released in 1961. It was inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and featured memorable songs. The film was nominated for eleven Oscars, including best picture. It also won three Golden Globe Awards.


Moana, the latest Disney princess film, is a soaring musical inspired by a French fairy tale. This remake of the 1941 classic has an ensemble cast that includes Brandy, Bernadette Peters, Jason Alexander, and Whoopi Goldberg. The film has an estimated $12 million production budget.

Moana is a musical adventure movie that stars a young girl who sets out on an adventure to fulfill her ancestors’ quest. The film is a 3D animation that features beautiful scenery and incredible soundtracks. The film was released in 2016 and is already regarded as one of the best musical movies in the adventure genre. The plot of the film is about a young girl who is destined to succeed in her quest to save her people from a curse. Her quest involves saving her family and restoring the heart of her native island.

Another Disney musical is Cinderella, which is a revisionist urban modern fairy tale spearheaded by Amy Adams (Oscar-nominated for her role in Junebug). The movie also features a gorgeous score by Alan Menken. The film has three Oscar nominations for Best Original Song. “Falling Slowly” from Once won the Oscar for Best Original Song.

Encanto is another Disney musical film with great storyline and music. This RKO Pictures release is the highest-grossing animated film ever. It also stars Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. This all-dancing escapist confection has some of the best music and voice acting of all time.


The music and costumes in Cyrano are beautiful, and the characters are full of theatrical nuance. The film’s musical numbers are a perfect place to start if you haven’t been exposed to a musical before. Songs like “Every Letter” and “Someone to Say (Reprise)” are great examples of the film’s musicality and costumes. However, “Cyrano” suffers from pacing problems and a lack of a strong storyline.

As the story progresses, we see Cyrano’s deteriorating health and inability to perform his duties as a knight. Eventually, he asks for Christian’s last letter and recites it from memory. Meanwhile, Roxanne declares her love for Cyrano just before his death. Lyrics by Matt Berninger and Carin Besser are excellent and give the film a high note.

In addition to Peter Dinklage, the cast features a number of well-known actors. Dinklage has been on TV and the stage for several years, and has also played Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones. He will now play Cyrano de Bergerac on the big screen.

The visuals in Cyrano are stunning. The film is a period piece with gorgeous aesthetics and dramatic style. Wright has a knack for creating romantic moments. In his previous film, Pride and Prejudice, Wright delivered one of the most heartwarming movie moments we’ve ever seen.

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