The Best Neo-Giallo Horror Movies of 2022

If you’re a fan of the Gothic genre, you’ll love this list of the best neo-giallo horror movies of 2022. This list features Blood and Black Lace, Knife + Heart, Your Vice, Short Night of Glass Dolls, and More!

Your Vice

In Your Vice, the director Vanessa Paradis plays a woman who works in a gay pornography studio. Her character is on the brink of a nervous breakdown. When her crew is attacked, she tries to solve a murder mystery, but it doesn’t go as planned. Instead, she must solve an old mystery to save her crew.

Your Vice is a neo-Giallo horror film that has been praised by critics and audiences alike. It was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Black Cat” and contains sexual violence and animal cruelty. It’s less outlandish than most Giallo horrors, but is still a great choice if you’re looking for a conventional mystery film.

Your Vice is a well-made giallo film with great acting and an eerie atmosphere. The film takes horror genre tropes and turns them into queer ones. This results in a film that is both a horror movie and a parody.

Known as a giallo classic, this film features a murder sequence in front of a Christmas tree, but its ending is surprisingly spooky. This neo-giallo horror film is an incredible experience.

Amer is another movie with a fantastic twist on the giallo genre. Directed by Helene Cottet and Bruno Forzani, this postmodern giallo horror movie follows a young girl named Ana from her childhood to early adulthood. It uses the victimized archetypes of old-school giallo films to explore voyeuristic tendencies.

The Neo-Giallo genre has plenty of new and exciting horror movies coming out this year. Among the best ones are Your Vice and Censor. Both of these are set in the early ’80s and are inspired by Lucio Fulci’s masterpiece The Beyond. The last two films also share similar influences. For example, Your Vice borrows heavily from the giallo genre and create inspired images like a slit throat.

Blood and Black Lace

Blood and Black Lace is a postmodern take on the giallo genre. The story follows a young woman (Vanessa Paradis) as she attempts to win back her ex Kate Moran. As the movie unfolds, she is targeted by a murderous killer. In the midst of her desperate efforts, she encounters a hooded stranger at a nightclub who ties her to the bed.

Although it was widely copied, Blood and Black Lace stands out from the crowd. Its filmmaking style was inspired by Mario Bava and Marcello Fondato, and it is an early example of the genre. This movie is full of giallo-inspired imagery and a killer who exhibits sadistic tendencies.

Unlike more traditional genre movies, giallo films are often more entertaining than scary. While they might not be thrilling, giallo films are delightfully strange pieces of film. Rather than sticking to conventional genre formulas, these films push their audience into the perspective of the killer. As a result, viewers may feel guilty for every death on screen.

The film is a satire on husbands who abuse women. It is a mockery of misogynistic husbands who hide their abusive behavior behind a superficial act of love. The film is fun to watch and is a great example of Neo-Giallo horror.

Blood and Black Lace is one of the most anticipated Neo-Giallo horror movies of the year. The film stars Bill Skarsgard and Georgina Campbell. It shares a cold-open with Netflix’s rom-com Love in the Villa.

Knife + Heart

Knife + Heart is a French slasher movie with a distinct style. Its cinematography, which uses Bava palettes, is both gritty and near-pornographic. Critic Katie Rife calls it “unabashedly queer.” The film depicts the spectrum of gay sexuality from the innocent to the brutal. It feels like a parody at times, but it’s also filled with disturbing violence and psychosexual tensions.

While Knife + Heart is rooted in the giallo tradition, it defies convention. While it has hints of Dressed to Kill (1980) and Cruising (1980), it stands alone in its own right. The film is also anchored by a strong female lead, Vanessa Paradis, who plays a lesbian producer of gay porn. A killer in a gimp mask and wielding a switchblade dildo is at the center of the plot.

Giallo movies have become an important genre in the world of horror. In the 1970s, Dario Argento’s “The Bird With the Crystal Plumage” became an inspiration for giallo films. Today, we’re seeing more movies like it.

“Shock” is another excellent example of a giallo movie on the cusp of supernaturalism. It’s full of incredible moments, like the scene in which a child transforms into a grown man. It’s one of the best Neo-Giallo horror films of 2022, and is an absolute must-see.

The giallo genre has been undergoing a revival in recent years, largely thanks to high-profile horror films such as Edgar Wright’s “The Last Night in Soho” and Luca Guadagnino’s remake of “Suspiria.”

Short Night of Glass Dolls

Short Night of the Glass Dolls is a thrilling thriller set in Prague. Greg is presumed dead and has no memory of who has murdered him, so he must retrace his steps to find out who is responsible. But the film is far from typical giallo fare, and the performances elevate it above the genre’s usual hammyness. Jean Sorel’s performance as the lead is terrific, and Ingrid Thulin is very effective as a journalist.

Other giallo films that are worth seeing are A Field in England (1971), directed by Aldo Lado, and Seven Blood-Stained Orchids (1972). Both films were based on Umberto Lenzi’s novel of the same name, and both have compelling storylines.

The genre has been re-invigorated in recent years. The recent resurgence of Italian horror films shows that the genre is gaining steam and influencing filmmakers. The films that come from Italy are known as giallo, but they can be classified as neo-giallo as well.

Short Night of Glass Dolls is the latest in an infamous series of Italian horror movies. Its score was composed by Ennio Morricone, best known for his music for The Cat o’Nine Tails. This giallo film is not only a thrilling ride, but it’s unlike anything else in Italy at the time.

“Audition” has a particularly powerful closing stretch. It’s an hour-and-a-half film, but the filmmakers manage to craft a chilling meditation on trauma and healing. It’s a chilling spectacle, one that will ensnare the audience.

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

Taking place during the rise of smart-phones, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone offers a cautionary tale against our obsession with technology. Written by John Lee Hancock, the film combines a classic horror theme with a modern twist. Executive producers Jason Blum, Carla Hacken, and Ryan Murphy oversee the movie’s production. The script is based on a Stephen King short story by the same name.

Harrigan’s quest to track down the elusive Schemer begins with an investigation into his past. He tries to use his phone to track down the man responsible for the death of his former partner, but it’s difficult, as the mob is highly organized. However, he has been able to narrow his search by chewing a Chinese dragon liver herb medicine. He then wanders the chaotic streets of Chinatown, looking for an herbalist who can help him track down Schemer.

Neo-Giallo films have become more popular in recent years. The recent release of “Cursed Films” on Shudder is an excellent example. In it, we see real movies that had disastrous productions. The series is an intriguing look into the world of horror.

While Firestarter 2022 is not a King film, it’s an interesting adaptation of King’s classic novel. It’s only 90 minutes long, but it pares down multiple plotlines. The film also lacks surprises. It also fails to introduce a backstory to the main character. In addition, the special effects are poor and Kurtwood Smith barely makes an appearance.

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