The Best Werewolf Horror Movies of 2022

There’s no doubt that the best werewolf horror films of all time have been made by Universal Pictures, and that includes movies like The Wolf Man and An American Werewolf in London. These movies set the template for the werewolf genre and created an iconic franchise. In these films, a normal man is bitten by a werewolf and turns into a monster. The actor who plays the character, Lon Cheney Jr., gives him a relatable everyman mentality.

An American Werewolf in London

An American Werewolf in London is about a college student named David (David Naughton) and his English friend Jack (Griffin Dunne). David survives an attack by a wolf, but Jack dies horribly. Since the attack, David has had violent nightmares. In the midst of the nightmares, Jack warns David that he is becoming a werewolf. David considers suicide before the next full moon.

An American Werewolf in London is an Oscar-winning horror comedy film about a young man who turns into a werewolf. The film is lighthearted in tone, but its violent werewolf attacks are disturbing and shocking. It also contains references to suicide, male nudity, and sex scenes. Some parents may not enjoy this film, but older teens may find it fun.

While An American Werewolf in London is not a classic horror film, it’s a fun and entertaining film that has inspired a generation of filmmakers. John Landis’ blend of comedy and horror creates a unique world with believable characters. The film’s cast – including charming young couple David and Alex, as well as a young woman named Jenny Agutter – make this movie feel like a fun, entertaining watch.

While critics gave the film mixed reviews when it was first released, it’s remained a landmark in the genre. Critics such as Roger Ebert called it “unfinished” and Janet Maslin said that the film’s “callow tone” backfired. However, fans of werewolves will probably consider it a classic in its own right.

An American Werewolf in London is a film that explores the superstitions of American and English cultures. In a way, it also explores how these cultures merge to create a hybrid world. Despite its strangeness, An American Werewolf in London is remarkably effective in portraying these fears and superstitions.

The story opens with David Kessler being bored at home and tearing his clothes off, when a full moon rises. This heat causes him to undergo a painful metamorphosis, and he is transformed into a vicious werewolf.

I Was A Teenage Werewolf

I Was A Teenage Werewolf is an interesting film. Despite the premise being ridiculous, the film does have some fun aspects. The werewolf aesthetics, for instance, are somewhat laughable now, but that can be forgiven given the nature of the film, which is a comedy. However, the acting and the script are not very convincing.

The plot revolves around two sisters who are both obsessed with death. One of them gets bitten by a werewolf. The film is notable for the prosthetic effects, as director John Fawcett refused to use CGI. Although the film was banned from some cinemas in the UK, it has become an international hit and inspired a sequel.

This Canadian masterpiece is a fun movie with a wild title. A group of friends find a baby abandoned in an old castle, and they realize that they’re being pursued by a werewolf. It’s up to them to save the baby and keep it safe. The plot is a little convoluted, but it’s worth watching.

There are many werewolf movies, including The Beast Comes at Midnight (1977) and She Wolf of London (1946). Despite the popularity of these films, they have underrated horror stories. Despite their underrated status, they are still a popular topic in horror. In 2022, werewolves have the potential to become an important part of pop culture.

A loose adaptation of Guy Endore’s novel, “The Werewolf in Paris,” is about a young boy who turns into a werewolf during the 18th century. It is more story-driven than action-packed, but is nonetheless a great horror film. The creature makeup was done by Roy Ashton, who took inspiration from the 1941 film The Wolf Man.

The sequel to the 2011 supernatural series “Teen Wolf” will be released in 2022. It will star Michael J. Fox as an underdog turned wolf. The movie will serve as a setup for the new series Wolf Pack. The series follows the adventures of teenage werewolves.

Another good werewolf film of the 1980s is “The Howling.” It revolves around a young newswoman who meets a serial killer. The movie’s special effects were supposed to be done by Rick Baker, but he left the project to work on the remake of An American Werewolf in London. In addition, Rob Bottin spent six and a half hours on the makeup of Robert Picardo. The movie’s makeup work has been praised by film critics. It was also nominated for Best Makeup and Special Effects at the 1981 Saturn Awards.

Rise of the Lycans

Rise of the Lycans, directed by Patrick Tatopoulos, is a dark, Gothic horror movie. The film features great visual effects. Dan Hennah designed the eerie vampire castle, while Brendan Heffernan and Gary Mackay handled the art.

The Coven of Vampires has protected the human world from the looming Lycans for centuries. But the human Lycan born in captivity by the Coven is spared. Viktor, the reigning Elder of the Coven, uses Lucian as a breeding ground for a new race of Lycans. Lucian is a Lycan with the ability to transform into a human and a wolf.

Another good werewolf horror movie is the French film Brotherhood of the Wolf. Featuring Colonial French warfare and 18th-century aristocracy, this film is an excellent mix of werewolf horror. The fight scenes are gritty and the cinematography is excellent. The movie also incorporates some religious and scientific viewpoints into its plot.

While there are less werewolf horror movies than full moons, there are a few that are better than others. Rise of the Lycans is one of these films. While the story is intense, the story also has a lot of great laughs. The main character of the film is relatable and believable. This movie also features some memorable werewolf transformation sequences.

The film also introduces the werewolf character, and the curse of the beast affects his family and dog. Its characters are able to change offscreen, so the viewer must deduce which one is the werewolf. It also introduces a new character to the werewolf genre: a jungle researcher who survives a vicious attack that takes the life of his partner. The movie also explores the horrors of the curse and the effect that it has on small town residents.

Despite its supernatural themes, Christians are divided about these creatures. Some believe that they are remnants of evil, while others find them fascinating and thought-provoking. There are many themes to this series, including themes of lies, secrets, and consequences.

Teen Wolf

If you’ve been looking for a new werewolf horror movie, this is it. It’s based on the book, and stars Albert Finney as a detective. It also stars Angela Lansbury in a creepy version of Red Riding Hood. It also combines classic B-movie horror camp with mystery and a werewolf break.

The first Teen Wolf movie was released in 1985 and received mixed reviews, but was a commercial success. It made over $80 million on a $1.2 million budget, and spawned a television show two decades later. The film’s success led to an animated series, as well as a sequel that stars Mark Holton and Jimmy Smit-McGee. It also inspired the popular supernatural drama series of the same name.

Teen Wolf was a cult hit when it came out, and the premise remains a popular one. It’s fun to watch and a unique take on the werewolf genre. However, when rewatched, the film’s werewolf aesthetic can seem laughable. However, considering the movie’s age, this can be forgiven.

The sequel is even scarier, with Max Dire playing a teenage boy who comes across a real werewolf in the woods. The film stars an all-new sheriff who is unfamiliar with the local woods, and a cryptozoologist who investigates the creature. However, the movie still features victims in different parts of the area.

If you’re looking for a new werewolf horror movie, Teen Wolf is worth checking out. It stars Michael J. Fox and stars Michelle Pfeiffer. The movie’s romantic subtext and unexpected romance make it stand out from the rest. You can stream the film on Crackle or Amazon Prime. You can watch it in the comfort of your own home!

In addition to being one of the best werewolf horror movies of the year, Teen Wolf is a fun supernatural thriller. It’s based on a video game, and features an all-star cast. It’s a good choice for a rainy day.

Although it’s set eight years in the future, Teen Wolf stands out for its age and originality. The plot is about the lead character’s werewolf powers, including improved reflexes and smell. The concept is so unique that it may have inspired Spider-Man, which came out eight years later. In addition, the story uses the monster as a metaphor for a midlife crisis.

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