Best Dystopian Movies of 2022

There are many dystopian movies out there. The list here includes Gattaca, Vesper, Bird Box, and The Babadook. The best dystopian films are the ones that show the future in a different light. These films are all different and each have their own merits, but they all share some common themes.


If you’re looking for a dystopian movie this year, look no further than the ’90s sci-fi flick Gattaca. Starring Jude Law and Ethan Hawke, this film chronicles a future Earth society where genetic quality controls everyone’s destiny. Vincent, born in the old fashioned way, is considered genetically inferior and doomed to a life of servitude. Determined to break free from his fate, he decides to purchase the identity of a superior man, Jerome Eugene Morrow, who was once a star swimmer.

While this idea of genetic manipulation is common in dystopian nightmares and science fiction, Gattaca takes a more contemplative approach to the subject. It not only explores the ethical and social consequences of genetic determinism, but also explores the implications for our current society. Andrew Niccol, the screenwriter of The Truman Show, is known for his high concept sci-fi worlds, and he delivers a compelling and emotionally impacting story with Gattaca.

The film’s depressing atmosphere is countered by the film’s beautiful colors and aesthetic jokes. Most dystopian movies leave you feeling icky afterward, but Moonrise Kingdom makes you feel better. It’s one of the best dystopian movies of the year, and it’s a must-see for any movie lover.

Gattaca and Never Let Me Go are among the best dystopian movies of 2025. Both films deal with human rights issues, including the impact of disability. Both films also explore the issues of inequality, classism, and disability.


While Vesper, one of the best dystopic movies of 2022, is a relatively low-budget film, it makes up for it by offering a more fully realized world than most modern sci-fi movies. The movie takes place in a post-apocalyptic future that feels more believable than most contemporary Hollywood cinematic universes. Although the film’s premise doesn’t initially sell it as a particularly unique entry into the dystopian sci-fi genre, Vesper’s fictional alternate reality quickly becomes a compelling and intriguing vision of the future.

Vesper is also a fascinating mix of the real and the imaginary, exploring topics like classism and elitism. It contains many elements of other dystopian movies, but it stands out because of its execution. It’s an intensely engaging movie that offers a surprisingly realistic and believable dystopia.

Vesper is one of the most underrated sci-fi films of 2022. It’s a European production with English subtitles, making it an art-house movie with some truly impressive VFX work. Whether it’s practical CGI, Vesper’s VFX are seamless, blending in with a beautifully rendered world. Though Vesper operates under a relatively low budget, it still manages to capture viewers’ imaginations and keep them engaged through its subversive finale.

While many movies in the post-apocalyptic genre are relentlessly bleak, “Vesper” finds compassion amid the despair. After the world’s ecosystem has collapsed, a group of elite individuals are stranded in a protective area known as the Citadel. Vesper’s plight is complicated by the fact that her father is paralyzed. She must fight for her life and the future of her family.

Bird Box

One of the most anticipated films of this year is Bird Box, which will have a limited theatrical release in select US cities starting December 13 and will be available on Netflix globally on December 21. The film stars Sandra Bullock as the title character, while John Malkovich and Jacki Weaver also contribute to the cast.

The movie deals with themes of alienation and isolation. Malorie’s journey with her children demonstrates how she deals with these themes. The film is filled with harrowing scenes and powerful performances. While there are some obvious plot twists, the movie still manages to maintain a feeling of realism.

The film is set in a dystopian United States in the year 2000. The Transcontinental Road Race is now a form of national entertainment. An incurable disease has rendered the protagonist a national celebrity. As a result, he is surrounded by reporters. The film also involves a long-incarcerated ultra-violent criminal who is released from suspended animation by the society’s leader and his new “perfect” police department.

Another film based on a novel by P.D. James takes place in 2027 and follows the lives of two people who are separated from each other. A former activist agrees to help a woman in the future deliver her baby. She is then transported to an underwater sanctuary. The world has ended in a war, and the remaining human race now lives underground. They are trying to find a way out, and to survive. The only survivors are two young children.

The Babadook

The Babadook is a dystopian thriller from Netflix, but what makes it stand out from other dystopian movies? Its premise is a dystopian society in which human meat is a popular menu item, and people are ruled by lycanthropic terrorists. And while this scenario might sound depressing, the film isn’t bleak.

Soylent Green

“Soylent Green” is a futuristic sci-fi film based on the novel by Harry Harrison. It takes place in a dystopian future Earth. A man named Frank Thorn tries to solve a murder, but becomes prey to a larger conspiracy. While the plot revolves around poverty, it ultimately involves the future of humanity and its survival. It changed the way dystopias were portrayed in sci-fi movies.

The movie’s message is timely. Although released 49 years ago, the dystopia depicted in Soylent Green is still very relevant. For example, in the future, a jar of strawberry jam costs $150. The poor can’t afford beef, and the wealthy can’t afford it. Housing is scarce and people live in cars and the streets.

Ultimately, “Soylent Green” presents a dystopian society with a high level of inequality. The gloomy future depicted in the movie is a world in which people are unable to feed themselves. Global warming has resulted in a worldwide ecological crisis, with water shortages and a dwindling supply of food. The rich, on the other hand, live in air-conditioned high-rise apartments and eat luxury items like celery sticks.

The world has become overpopulated, and there are severe shortages of water and food. In New York City, there are only 40 million people. The elite can afford large apartments, clean water, and natural food. Their homes are guarded by bodyguards and concubines. Meanwhile, the poor people live in filth and consume highly processed foods like Soylent.

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