Best Slasher Horror Movies of 2022

The Best Slasher Horror Movies of the year 2022 aren’t just limited to the genre’s first year. Some of these movies are so innovative, that they’ve even entered the next decade. In this list, we’ll take a look at a few of these upcoming films.

Dark Glasses

Dark Glasses premiered at this year’s Berlinale and marks the return of Italian horror director Dario Argento to the director’s chair. Argento is one of the most influential horror filmmakers of our time, helping to popularize the “giallo” subgenre (fancier slasher movies). His movies are known for their distinctive art direction, and he takes great care to create stunning scenarios.

The year 2022 is full of horror movies. Those who enjoy horror movie marathons will be thrilled by the new releases. There are remakes of classic horror movies, a re-imagined Ghostface, and a sequel to Scream. The year 2022 will bring a slew of new slasher films.

The film’s cast is diverse and its characters are a bit off-kilter. There’s a cult following for its dark content and gallows humor. It is one of the best slasher movies of this decade, and will probably continue to gain popularity.

A number of new horror movies are set to hit streaming services in the coming months. This October alone will feature Argento’s Dark Glasses, Dario Argento’s V/H/S/99, and the UK horror She Will. In addition, Shudder is releasing the All Hail Argento collection of horror films. The titles are available as digital rentals through Amazon, Apple TV, Google Play, and Vudu.

Shapeshifter by David Robert Mitchell is another slasher, albeit in a completely different genre. It’s a supernatural thriller, about a shape-shifting killer who’s passed down from generation to generation. The film has an oppressive atmosphere, and Mitchell throws the audience off their guard from the start. There’s no clear time period or season, and certain details of the production design make no sense.

Halloween Ends

Halloween Ends in 2022 is the next installment of the Halloween series. Unlike previous sequels, this film will focus on a love story rather than a horror film. It may be the end of Michael Myers’ immortality, and the movie may feature the reversal of his curse. If so, it will put the Thorn cult in chaos.

The movie begins in 2019 and introduces a new character named Corey Cunningham, a man who babysits a scared kid. However, Corey ends up causing an accident and becoming a total pariah. Meanwhile, Laurie (Judy Greer) tries to write her memoir while living with her granddaughter, Allyson (Andy Matichak).

While the movie has some strong elements, the biggest complaint was the lack of Michael Myers. The character was a bit bland in “Halloween Kills,” and “Halloween Ends” addresses that criticism. The movie is also notable for making Michael Myers look old. After all, he’s been in an asylum for 40 years!

After the original Halloween, the series took a turn for the worse. After Resurrection, Rob Zombie started a new series of films that would replace the original Halloween. Those movies spawned Halloween II, but were a poor representation of the original film. David Gordon Green’s reboot, however, honors the original but didn’t deliver the same kind of catharsis as H20 did two decades ago.

The reversal of the Halloween storyline is a major disappointment in the franchise, and it has left many fans with mixed feelings. The movie was intended to tie up Michael and Laurie’s storyline, but it ended up going in an entirely different direction.


X is a 2022 slasher horror film directed by Ti West. The film stars Mia Goth, Jenna Ortega, Owen Campbell, and Stephen Ure, as members of a cast and crew shooting a pornographic film on an elderly couple’s rural Texas farm. However, once they arrive, they quickly discover that the old couple may not be what they seem.

Another movie that is making the top ten is Smile, which is one of the most talked-about horror movies of 2022. Its marketing campaign was outstanding, and it brought body horror to a new audience. The film’s disturbing sequences rival those of Saw.

Other titles on the list include Salem’s Lot, Dark Harvest, and Don’t Worry Darling, which stars Florence Pugh and Harry Styles. These films are inspired by Stephen King’s books. The Devil’s Light, based on the novel by the same name, is another great horror film that will keep you awake at night.

Another slasher thriller is Orphan: First Kill. This prequel to an iconic horror film has a great storyline and a great cast. However, the film’s climax is a bit too predictable, despite its promising start. The final act is a letdown, but the film’s tone and pacing make it worth watching.

Besides the Barbarian, there are several other noteworthy horror movies from 2022. This film is rated 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. It is one of the more twisted horror flicks of the year, and it has a lot of touchy subjects.

Another upcoming horror film that’s projected to make over $100 million is “The Black Phone.” It takes place in suburban Denver during the late ’70s, and features Ethan Hawke as “The Grabber,” a serial killer who’s eluded law enforcement for decades. In the film, thirteen-year-old Finney Blake wakes up in an austere basement, only to be the next victim of The Grabber.


The Best Slasher Horror Movies of the New Millennium aren’t the same as those of the past few decades. A new wave of slasher films is surfacing, and it’s important to know what to watch and when to watch it. If you love slasher movies, then you will probably love these.

The first half of 2022 was light on new theatrical releases, but the second half of the year is stacked with excellent horror films. While the horror genre continues to grow in popularity, the glut of available content on streaming services and VOD has gotten overwhelming. The Best Slasher Horror Movies of the New Century are a nice balance between genres and provide a wide variety of experiences.

A new film with a unique storyline is Fresh. While it may not be a slasher, it is an interesting film that features a believable relationship between a mother and daughter. The film also includes grocery shopping scenes. In this case, the setting sets the tone for the film. Also, the best stories are based on characters with deep secrets.

Another film on our list is Ghostface, a revival of the classic horror series. It keeps the smug wiseacre qualities of the previous entries, while raising the gore and brutality levels. If you’re a fan of this genre, this film is definitely worth checking out.

In addition to the slasher films, there are also some great films from the 20th century. For example, a film like The Witching Hour is made by a family who grew up with horror movies, but adapted the story to fit into their lives. The film was made on a small budget, and its plot revolves around a coming-of-age story. In some ways, the story is a classic coming-of-age story, but it also incorporates elements of folk horror and witchcraft to create a tense atmosphere.

You Won’t Be Alone

You Won’t Be Alone is a disturbing film rooted in humanism and a study of gendered strife. It begins with a woman in mid-labor. When the baby is delivered, the midwife ushers her away, and the woman waddles back to the fields. While the film has moments of eerie beauty, it also reinforces the societal pressures to marry a man.

You Won’t Be Alone is a powerful film, one that takes its time telling the story. Its intimate camerawork lets you follow the characters as they go about their work while admiring the beauty of the landscape. It’s an unusual thriller that explores gender roles and the nature of extinction.

You Won’t Be Alone is a terrifying and enchanting first feature from director Goran Stolevski. Set in a small village in 19th century Macedonia, it explores life and its complexities. It is a tale of murder, gore, and love.

This film is a fascinating and disturbing thriller that explores the darker side of human nature. Its tense atmosphere is grounded in a traditional folklore. The narrator is ruminative, and the violence is horrifying. It also makes use of a Tolstoyan penchant for peasant life.

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