The Best Comedy Horror Movies of 2022

There are a few movies that have caught my eye this year. These include Zombieland, Fresh, and Freddy’s Dead. We’ve also seen several great remakes. But which ones are the best? I’ll discuss these movies in this article. I hope you enjoy them!

Return of the Living Dead

Whether you’re a fan of zombies or just want to watch an entertaining movie, Return of the Living Dead is sure to delight your senses. With a cast of over 100 actors, this comedy horror film is sure to keep audiences entertained for hours. If you’re a fan of zombie movies, you might even want to purchase the movie on DVD. There are several special features included on the disc, which include interviews with director John A. Russo, production designer William Stout, and other key people involved in the production.

As a bonus, the film’s title pays homage to classic zombie films. It’s a homage to slashers and zombie flicks, as well as to alien invasion movies. With a twisted sense of humor, its graphic violence is hilarious.

Return of the Living Dead has the distinction of being one of the best zombie films ever made. The film is a perfect blend of horror and comedy, and it pays homage to the classic Romero films while forging its own path as a crazy gorefest. The film is available on DVD in a high-definition (HD) format from Scream Factory. It is presented in Dolby Vision HDR, an upgrade over Blu-ray.


If you’re looking for a great comedy horror movie this year, look no further than Zombieland. Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, and Jesse Eisenberg are all excellent, and they all bring plenty of charm to the screen. Even Bill Murray makes a cameo in the film, which adds some extra bite.


In 2022, Fresh will debut on Hulu in the US and Disney+ internationally. This black comedy-horror movie will star Daisy Edgar-Jones, Sebastian Stan, and Jonica T. Gibbs. Fresh is Mimi Cave’s feature film debut, and it explores the terrors of being a stranger. Despite its bleak and occasionally funny tone, Fresh is a surprisingly terrifying film.

While some comedies are made to be a little gruesome, the best horror comedy movies tend to rip into cliches and make fun of genuine fears. Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” made us laugh at our own hatred of monsters and humans. Karyn Kusama’s “Jennifer’s Body” is another example of a funny horror comedy. Sebastian Stan’s “The Seed” is another great new release that combines the two genres and is sure to be a hit. Another example of a horror comedy is “Studio 666,” a horror comedy starring Foo Fighters.

If you’re a horror fan, 2022 is going to be a great year for horror. The first half of the year had a light theatrical release schedule, while the second half was packed. The genre is thriving in all formats, including VOD and streaming services. The best horror movies in 2022 offer plenty of variety to keep audiences entertained.

Freddy’s Dead

Freddy’s Dead is a new installment of the franchise that is sure to delight horror fans. Unlike previous entries in the series, this one is not a slapstick comedy. In this film, the killer is more ominous than Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees, and he stalks his victims in their dreams.

While the movie is largely a comedy, it isn’t particularly funny. In fact, some of its scenes are extremely bizarre. In one scene, a clown cuts someone’s ear off. This film is also very satirical in nature, with scenes that recall the golden age of cartoons.

Another film that features the iconic Freddy Krueger is the final film in the series. After numerous killings, the town of Springwood is now a ghost town, with only the mad and insane remaining. While most people have fled to a safer location, Freddy is still on the hunt for his revenge.

The Innocents

The Innocents is a slow-burning horror tale about children with superpowers in an isolated community. But unlike most other horror movies, this one does not feature jump scares or blistering violence. Instead, it offers a subtle message about the dangers of having too much power and letting go of morals.

The Innocents explores the darker side of childhood innocence, as a group of kids with superpowers discover their abilities. But not all of them are willing to use their powers for good. This film features four compelling performances and complex emotions, but it also goes beyond typical horror fare.

“The Innocents,” from director Eskil Vogt, follows a group of young kids as they face a series of terrifying incidents. These encounters result in the deaths of a father and the owner of the adjacent theme park tries to capitalize on the tragedy.

A film with a strong cast is The Innocents, and it will probably be the best horror movie of the year. It will have a huge impact on the genre.

Get Out

Get Out is a psychological horror movie with a satirical twist. It’s written and directed by Jordan Peele, the creator of the sketch comedy series Key & Peele. It satirizes racial injustice. If you’re a fan of social issues and horror movies, you’ll want to see this film.

After being a Sundance hit, “We’re All Going to the World’s Fair” made its way to U.S. theaters the following year. This satirical horror film has a similar feel to Bo Burnham’s “Eighth Grade.” Nonetheless, there are some deeply unsettling moments in the film.

Jordan Peele has proven to be a brilliant horror director, and his latest film, Nope, adds to his credibility. While it wasn’t as critically acclaimed as Get Out or Us, Nope is a fan favorite. It’s already been released theatrically and on Prime Video. And now, it’s coming to the Peacock Theatre.

Zombieland remake

If you like zombie movies, you should check out Zombieland, the upcoming remake of the horror film. It has a 90 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie centers on four survivors who are trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. They travel across the country to complete various quests. The movie also has a cameo by Bill Murray.

The zombie outbreak begins when Frank and Freddy accidentally release a gas into the air, which awakens a horde of undead creatures. Their boss suggests incineration at a friend’s mortuary, but the two friends are attacked by the undead and lose their vital signs. In the meantime, the police are overwhelmed with a zombie horde and Colonel Glover is searching for the chemical drums stored at a warehouse.

Zombieland was not considered a traditional zombie film, but it was a runaway success when it was released. It’s funny, and provides a refreshing change of pace from the typical zombie film.

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