The Best Giallo Horror Movies of 2022

If you’re looking for some giallo horror movies, you’ve come to the right place. This list includes Blood and Black Lace, Suspiria, Eye in the Labyrinth, and Tenebrae. These films are guaranteed to creep you out and keep you on the edge of your seat.


Argento’s giallo thriller Tenebrae features doubles as both the killer and the victim. While the story itself is a standard giallo thriller, there are some interesting elements of the film that distinguish it from other genres. In addition to the double killer plotline, the movie also features doubles of several of the characters. When Peter Neal thinks he has killed his personal assistant, Tilde’s double is actually Detective Giermani, who kneels down out of frame.

Tenebrae explores the themes of dualism and sexual aberration, and has strong metafictional elements. As a result, some critics have claimed that the film is a reaction to the criticism that Argento received for his earlier films. These films featured murders of women, which had become controversial.

The film features an operatic level of graphic carnage. The visual style is full of choreographed murders, complimented by sharp edits. In addition to being visually impressive, the film is also scored with funky Italian horror music. The film is highly entertaining and should be on your watchlist if you’re looking for a giallo horror movie that is not too violent and overly graphic.

While many people may associate giallos with Gothic horror, this film is more of a modern-day horror story. It is based on a novel by Peter Neal, who has written a series of murder mystery novels. This author’s work has also been accused of misogyny, but Argento is using his book to explore the idea that violence in fiction can affect real life violence.

The film has a commentary track on the Blu Tenebrae DVD. The commentary track features a commentary from Maitland McDonagh, but it isn’t that in-depth. Another feature-length documentary is Yellow Fever: The Rise and Fall of the Giallo, which includes interviews with critics and Argento himself.


While Suspiria isn’t a classic, it is certainly among the best Giallo Horror movies of this year. It centers on an American tourist who witnesses a murder in Rome and gets involved in a string of murders. The film is shot in high-contrast black and white, adding to the film’s atmospherics. The film also boasts a great score and beautiful cinematography. While the film is difficult to get into, it contains some memorable moments.

Suspiria is considered the first of a trilogy of films by Dario Argento. The second film in the series, Inferno, was released seven years later. However, while the films have a lot in common, they differ in their approach to the genre. In “Deep Red,” for example, the director veered away from his trademark style to create a movie with a point. This film also makes sense because it’s based on real events that inspired the filmmaker.

While the film hasn’t quite captured the same atmosphere as the original, it still carries the same atmosphere. The costumes and sets are beautifully designed, and the film’s score is haunting and eerie. The film also utilizes some great special effects, such as colored filters and gels. The finale of the movie is a particularly memorable scene.

Suspiria is one of Argento’s best films. While the remake from Luca Guadagnino ruined some of the film’s greatness, it still packs a punch more than forty years after it was released.

Eye in the Labyrinth

Eye in the Labyrinth is an Italian giallo horror movie that follows a detective investigating the murder of a child. The plot is ambiguous and the film has a surreal quality, which makes it more of a psychological thriller than a horror film. However, it is a good giallo thriller for those who enjoy giallo genre films.

It contains a handful of violent and imaginative murder sequences, but it’s full of nudity and sleaze. Its star, Sybil Danning, makes an appearance as a random topless murder victim.

Giallo films tend to be overly stylized crime movies. Some of them are similar to slasher films and feature a female outsider. Many of these films have long titles. It’s also important to know how to read Italian subtitles, because some films may contain subtitles.

Despite its somewhat predictable plot, Eye in the Labyrinth stands out for its superb acting and cinematography. It features a mysterious murder case, a psychiatrist who disappears and a transvestite who witnesses it. In addition, it features a strong cast of characters, including Jennifer Connelly.

Some of the best Italian Giallo horror films are also those starring Dario Argento. The director’s work from the 70s and 80s is unique and never boring. There is something about his films that make them appealing to fans of genre horror movies.

The Devil’s Backbone is another gem from the same director. It was released during the Spanish Civil War and was a huge hit, earning him international praise. With a strong cast and a fantastic score by Goblin, this movie is a winner. It features a spooky atmosphere and upsetting violence.

Deep Red

Dario Argento is one of the most revered practitioners of the giallo horror genre and Deep Red is no exception. While it follows many of the genre conventions of previous films, it adds a level of sophistication. Featuring elaborate death scenes, colorful backgrounds, and Argento’s first collaboration with Daria Nicolodi, this film is a touchstone in both Argento’s career and slasher cinema.

The film starts out with a psychological horror theme, before moving on to gore. However, a giallo film should never insult the viewer’s intelligence, nor should it drag on. Even if it has some excellent scenes, it should not be boring and dreary. Moreover, a movie that is full of great scenes and gore isn’t necessarily the best one.

Deep Red is a well-made movie with excellent special effects. The director has worked with ace effects technician Carlo Rambaldi for this film. Rambaldi was also the technician for Lucio Fulci’s “A LIZARD IN A WOMAN’S SKIN” (1971).

Giallo Horror films usually deal with themes of sexuality. While themes of sexual liberation and repression often play against each other, Dallamano injects plenty of psychological torment into his cast. The final act is quite dark, even by Giallo standards.

While “Deep Red” isn’t a perfect movie, it’s one of the best Giallo Horror movies to come out of the decade. The soundtrack is also fantastic. It’s not as scary as it may sound, but it does provide a trance-like atmosphere.

A giallo movie can be extremely subtle. The house with the Laughing Windows has some unusual themes, but it avoids stylistic extremeism in favor of a careful, creepy atmosphere. It also switches up gender politics by focusing on the male body in extremes – a topic that is usually reserved for female victims.

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