The Best Mystery Horror Movies of 2022

In the year 2022, there will be plenty of new mystery horror films. Among them will be We’re All Going to the World’s Fair, Something in the Dirt, and Watcher. All of these movies are bound to be creepy and exciting. But which ones should you watch?

We’re All Going to the World’s Fair

In a unique take on horror, We’re All Going to the World’S Fair is a coming-of-age story that makes viewers question reality in a way that is both relatable and chilling. It’s a smart, modern take on the creepypasta genre, a storytelling subgenre whose purpose is to make you question your own reality.

In the film, a bored teenager named Casey seeks relief from his life by participating in “The World’s Fair Challenge,” an online game that allegedly opens the door to supernatural experiences. Participants must offer blood and then record their experiences in a forum. Casey’s videos contribute to the growing body of internet lore about the sinister effects of this game. People who take the challenge claim to lose feeling in their bodies, turn into inanimate objects, and lose their sense of reality.

A key aspect of “We’re All Going to the World’s fair’s” success is its sensitivity to the world of the Internet. The film understands the power of virality and seamlessly moves from online platform to online platform. It also delved into the fear of the unknown and modern internet culture.

Casey’s videos begin to show her deranged state. Her videos of her playing this game show her ripping apart a stuffed animal, and her parents and JLB are concerned about her safety. JLB considers calling the police about Casey’s disturbing videos. But, after hearing his statement, Casey regains composure and insists that the videos weren’t real.

The film is not without its flaws. Although the story is a coming-of-age tale, it takes place within a virtual bottomless universe, where Casey’s identity is framed by the digital world. She posts homemade videos on a site for the World’s Fair, but her account, ‘JLB,’ is actually Michael J. Rogers.

We’re All Missing

The band Everything but the Girl released their eighth studio album, Amplified Heart, in 1994. One song on the album is titled “Missing.” Written by Tracey Thorn, the song was produced by Ben Watt. It was released on 8 August 1994. While the original version didn’t achieve much success, the song was remixed by Todd Terry and re-released a few months later. The remixed version of the song reached near the charts in several countries. The song is a powerful expression of the pain that a missing person experiences.

The remix by Todd Terry was a hit worldwide, reaching number one in Germany. It became Everything But the Girl’s biggest hit outside of the UK. It spent four weeks at the top of the US Cash Box Top 100. It also became the group’s only Billboard Hot 100 entry, peaking at number two in 1996. The song also received airplay on adult contemporary and smooth jazz radio stations.


Watcher, the latest psychological horror film from IFC, is currently playing in theaters and due for its streaming debut on Shudder later. This slow-burn story stars Maika Monroe, and takes place in Romania. It is the feature debut of director Chloe Okuno. It follows a woman living abroad who is stalked by a mysterious man.

Julia, a former actress, has moved to Romania to live with her husband. She is not familiar with the language of the country and relies on her English-speaking partner to communicate. She then notices a strange figure watching her through the windows of her apartment. As her fear grows, she begins to suspect that a local serial killer is stalking the city.

The Watcher plays with our expectations by presenting a woman who appears as an iconic figure from past centuries. Despite the high-profile cast, the film manages to deliver a thrilling, rewarding mystery. While the film focuses on the lack of support for Julia, it is also filled with touchy subject matter.

As a result, “The Watcher” is more of a riff on “The Shining” than a full-on threat. Its dissolution of patriarchal roles in the family is an important theme throughout the film. Bobby Cannavale sells the disintegration of his character’s confidence. As the husband of his wife, Dean Brannock is increasingly vulnerable and struggles to protect her. Eventually, he learns that his neighbors have also been affected by the same trauma.

Another film on this list is the critically acclaimed “Smile,” which was the buzziest horror movie of the year. The film’s marketing campaign is shrewd and effective. Its creator, Alex Garland, is the man behind Ex Machina and Annihilation and has brought body horror to the mainstream. The movie’s gruesome scenes rival those of Saw.

“Watcher” is an unsettling psychological thriller. It stars Maika Monroe as a woman who feels watched. She has recently moved to Romania with her husband, but she is not feeling at home. The stalker is referred to as The Spider. As the story progresses, her relationship with the monster grows stronger.

Something in the Dirt

If you enjoy horror movies, then you are going to love Something in the Dirt. Co-directed by Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson, the film explores a paranormal encounter between a man and a woman in an apartment complex. They try to capture the event on film and create a documentary about their experience. The end result is nothing short of terrifying.

It’s a science-fiction blend of horror and mystery that keeps you guessing until the last second. Fans of the Scream franchise won’t be disappointed by this film. It takes a different approach to the genre, but it is still one of the best mystery horror movies of 2022. A dark and sinister atmosphere is sure to keep you on your toes.

The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January of 2022. It follows a young woman named Aisha, who works as a nanny for a rich family in the Upper East Side of New York City. But, soon enough, Aisha discovers that the family has a dark secret that makes her work impossible.

One of the best mystery horror movies of 2022 is Something in the Dirt, starring Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke. Adelaide Wilson is haunted by an unresolved trauma in her past. She becomes paranoid and worries that something terrible will happen to her family. In order to protect their son, she spends the day with the Tyler family (Elisabeth Moss, Tim Heidecker, and Noelle Sheldon). However, something gruesome happens when she finds four figures standing hands and standing in the driveway. These are doppelgangers of herself.

The film is a good example of a sea change in the horror genre. While there are some rough patches here and there, the film makes use of pandemic restrictions to sculpt a compelling hangout movie. Despite the limitations of the time period, the two filmmakers have succeeded in creating a playfully meta existential thriller. While they may be uneven in their storytelling, they deserve praise for their courage.

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