The Best Urban Fantasy Movies of 2022

If you are a fan of fantasy films, you may have seen The Divergent Series or Divergent: Rise of the Triad. These movies tackle complex issues of identity, race, and loyalty. They are also some of the most ambitious fantasy films of recent years. This year, we’re looking forward to some fantastic new movies from the genre.

Notorious Sorcerer

Notorious Sorcerer is a delightful fantasy that follows a group of characters in a city that has been ravaged by an interplanetary disaster. An aspiring alchemist finds himself accidentally the only hope for survival. Set in an expansive magical world where several planes of existence are present at once, the film never gets bogged down in exposition or takes itself too seriously.


If you’re interested in urban fantasy movies, the following list will give you the right ingredients. These films are not classic sword and sorcery stories, but rather fantasy elements infused with elements of the modern world. The genre is typically dark and gritty, like fantasy and noir fused together. These films also have to be live action and be theatrically released.

In this story, a matriarchal society falls apart when a centuries-old peace is shattered. This fantasy film is a great choice for fans of Robin Hobb or Circe. It’s also a time-twisting murder mystery that explores themes of memory and grief. All in all, this is an unforgettable speculative thrill ride.

This list features both new releases and old favorites. While it doesn’t include every movie from 2022, there’s an equal number of classics you won’t want to miss. In fact, some of the movies scheduled for 2022 were originally scheduled for release in 2020. Because of this, the list is subject to change as more movies are pushed back into the future. You may be surprised to find some of these films in theaters this year.

If you’re looking for a new film to watch this year, you’ll find plenty to enjoy on this list. One film that’s well worth watching is Everything at Once. It stars Michelle Yeoh, Stephanie Hsu, and Ke Huy Quan. The movie is a great story about an immigrant Chinese woman. It contains emotional scenes and shows the power of kindness.

Locked Tomb

The Locked Tomb is a sci-fi space opera with elements of necromancy, bone magic, and galactic space war. Writer Tamsyn Muir combines different genres in this action-packed movie. While some space operas stray from their roots, The Locked Tomb combines these elements in an eerie and atmospheric story.

Seasonal Fears

Seasonal Fears in Urban Fantasy movies of the future are not uncommon, and they are not limited to a single season or event. As a result, these movies can be both entertaining and terrifying. Whether you’re a fan of sci-fi or fantasy, these movies are sure to delight you.

The genre has exploded in recent years, and with it, new horror titles. One site that lists the newest horror releases is the Tor Nightfire blog. The blog is updated regularly throughout the year. The authors also regularly share their favorite horror stories. In addition to this, they include their own horror tips for readers.

Jonathan Maberry’s Kagen the Damned

Kagen the Damned by Jonathan Maberry is a gripping dark fantasy that takes many of the elements of this genre and weaves them into a compelling story. The characters, both human and magical, are well-developed, and the book revolves around the lives of several individuals. The story follows the journeys of a group of people in Argentium, the capital city of the Silver Empire. A group of people known as the Kagens are guardians of the royal seedlings, but on one fateful night, their protectors are killed and the magic of the royal seedlings returns in a frightening way.

Despite the horrific circumstances, Kagen wakes up to find a battle outside his sleeping quarters. The Imperial family, which had been killed by the forces of evil, has returned, and its soldiers are armed with new weaponry and physically enhanced warriors. As Kagen attempts to fight back against the forces of evil, he meets a series of unlikely allies, which make the plot and the characters all the more intriguing.

Kagen Vale is the trusted captain of the Silver Empire’s palace guard. He is charged with protecting the royal children from the Hakkians. Unfortunately, the Hakkians succeed in taking over the empire, and Kagen finds himself unable to make sense of it all. Despite being an oath-sworn captain, Kagen must confront the fact that he has failed.

N. K. Jemisin’s The City We Became

The City We Became is an urban fantasy novel set in the year 2020. This futuristic novel was developed from the short story “The City Born Great,” which was first published in How Long ’til Black Future Month? Jemisin’s characters are mostly women, and the story is told from their viewpoint.

This novel is a sci-fi novel and has received universal praise. It is the author’s first novel since her 2006 debut, and it has risen quickly since. In fact, her first novel, Broken Earth, won the Hugo Award for best novel, and it has been called the most important science fiction book of her generation.

Jemisin’s novel has the power to redefine the science fiction genre, which has often been dominated by white men. The City We Became takes a new perspective on the genre by setting it in New York City and the publishing universe. Instead of a future where people of color are relegated to background flavor text, it highlights the underlying complexity of the city’s identity.

Racial tensions are addressed head-on, and the author explicitly acknowledges that the city is home to many people of color. In fact, the only white avatar is a racist woman from Staten Island. The Enemy, a xenophobic author, is referenced openly in the novel. The novel also draws on current incidents.

Kelley Armstrong’s The Darkest Powers

The Darkest Powers trilogy is one of Kelley Armstrong’s best-selling novels, and this collection contains all three books in one convenient volume. This dystopian novel begins with the teen Chloe Saunders being locked in the Lyle House, a mental institution for troubled teenagers. However, she soon finds that her housemates are not always friendly, and she must work to uncover the dangerous secrets that are lurking inside the facility.

The Darkest Powers series is a young adult spinoff of Armstrong’s popular The Otherworld series, and it shares the same universe, only toned down for the teenage audience. While this means the sexual content and profanity have been toned down, the book’s violence is not diminished.

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