The Best Witch Horror Movies of 2022

If you’re looking for a witch-filled movie, this list has you covered. This list includes Suspiria, Teen Witch, Call Me By Your Name, and The Good Witch. These films have all been deemed the best witch horror movies of the decade. And we haven’t even mentioned the sequel to The Craft!

The Good Witch

If you’re wondering what to watch at the cinema in the year 2022, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re a big horror fan, there are several movies that you’ll want to watch, and The Good Witch is one of them. It’s based on the Roald Dahl novel and will star Anne Hathaway. This movie is more intense than your typical family movie, and it’s likely to get you started on the dark side of the genre. It’s also very disturbing, because it suggests that any woman can be a witch. Moreover, the film features some pretty horrific claws created by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. It also stars Anjelica Huston as the Grand High Witch, who is a very creepy character. She has an ambiguous European accent, and the story

While there are many horror movies about witches, this one takes things a step further. The plot follows a pair of sisters, Christine and Betty, as they run away from home to try to find work as models. When they discover an opportunity in a rural town, they meet a lesbian witch who introduces them to her coven. The film also has two versions, one of which was titled Lesbian twins.

Teen Witch

One of the best horror movies of the ’80s is the cult classic, “Teen Witch”. This film centers on a young girl who has supernatural powers. She must find her victim’s flesh and place it into her chest to transform into another creature. A series of actors play the witch, Nevena, who lacks experience with human interactions. As a result, she sometimes engages in violence.

A sequel to The Craft stars Doctor Strange and Wanda Maximoff, a woman with incredible hex powers. In this romantic-drama about two sisters, Sandra Bullock, Stockard Channing, Dianne Wiest, and Aidan Quinn star. Goran Visnjic also provides support.

The year 2022 is the year the Halloween reboot series will conclude. While some of these films have already received mainstream attention, there are many more to come in the coming year. Scream 5, which takes place 25 years after the original, will star Courteney Cox, Melissa Barrera, David Arquette, Dylan Minette, and Jack Quaid. Another new horror movie that will be out in 2022 is Hocus Pocus 2.

Another horror movie from 2022 is “Hellbender.” This movie follows a lonely teen in the woods with his mother. This film has all the elements of a classic horror movie, but it isn’t a typical horror film. The film uses low-budget folklore as its basis. The cast is outstanding in this film.


Dario Argento’s suspenseful supernatural horror, Suspiria, has become a classic of the genre. Starring Dakota Johnson as a ballet dancer, it features Emile Hirsch and Brian Cox as her father and son. The film centers around the mysterious death of a woman, and it is wrapped in the history of the Salem witch trials.

The film’s score, composed by Thom Yorke, is hauntingly ethereal. The film’s song “Suspirium” was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2015. Cinematographer Sayombhu Mukdeeprom recreates the mood of the original using lush colors and an elaborate score by Thom Yorke.

There are many ways to interpret witches in horror films. While many of these films are macabre and gothic, many witches are also striking symbols of female autonomy. Listed below are some of the best movies about witches released in the last decade. There are classic black-and-white witch films as well as modern masterpieces. Regardless of whether they’re classics or contemporary masterpieces, these witch movies are guaranteed to send chills down your spine.

Suspiria is one of the best Witch Horror movies of the year. Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock star as sisters who conjure a man. As the story progresses, the detective begins to suspect the sisters and the supernatural. The two women work together to save the lives of their respective families, but they also find themselves in a deadly situation.

Call Me By Your Name

The sequel to the acclaimed horror movie Call Me By Your Name is here and it features two new faces from the world of witchcraft: Gemma Arterton and Jeremy Renner. The story follows two children who become victims of a supernatural force, a witch and a warlock. These two unlikely heroes must work together to save their world from impending doom.

After the success of his remake of “Suspiria,” Luca Guadagnino returns to the horror genre with his latest movie, “Call Me By Your Name.” It follows two star-crossed lovers in Reagan-era America who become the targets of a vicious witch. They both turn into shapeshifting creatures that feed on human flesh. The film builds slowly, resembling an anthology film at times, but is nonetheless a powerful piece of cinema.

Another new release on the horror genre is “You Won’t Be Alone.” The film takes place in rural Macedonia in the late 1800s. When a young girl is kidnapped, she is reincarnated as a shape-shifting witch by the local Old Maid Maria, and begins killing the villagers. Nevena also learns that she can take on the identities of her victims.

The Craft

In The Craft, we see a group of girls, each with their own supernatural powers. One girl named Sarah, for instance, is able to rotate pencils with her mind. Her powers are largely restricted to this, but they are uncovered when she transfers to a new school.

The Craft is a teen horror movie directed by Andrew Fleming. The story revolves around a group of witches living in a Los Angeles Catholic high school. Three of these girls – Nancy, Bonnie, and Rochelle – are looking for a fourth member to complete their rituals. They find their fourth member in transfer student Sarah Bailey. As a result, the witches grow stronger than ever. But, Sarah is worried that the group has become corrupt.

The Craft: Based on the Roald Dahl novel, The Craft stars Neve Campbell, Robin Tunney, and Fairuza Balk. This movie is more disturbing than the average family movie because it suggests that any woman can become a witch. It also features creepy claws created by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. The film also stars Anjelica Huston as the Grand High Witch. She speaks with an ambiguous European accent.

The Fear Street Trilogy

The Fear Street Trilogy is a three-film supernatural series that focuses on the frightful story of a town called Shadyside where witches possess the residents. Despite the intense content, the Fear Street Trilogy doesn’t overdo the gore or its use of gory effects. Instead, it makes sure to keep the viewers engaged and on edge throughout.

The first two movies were based on fictional events. In “Part 3 – 1666,” we get to see what really happened during the Salem Witch Trials. While the movie has a spooky atmosphere and a supernatural stance, it’s a great guilty pleasure for fans of the genre.

Fear Street Part Two has a slasher vibe that’s both intense and creepy. It’s full of blood and murder, and its actors are excellent. But it falls short when it comes to character development. While the acting in Fear Street Part Two was excellent, the storyline was a bit lacking in it. The “previously on Fear Street” was like a standalone teen slasher movie. Still, it’s good entertainment, even if it doesn’t add much to the overall storyline.

The third film in the Fear Street Trilogy is a remake of the 1980 Stephen King novel of the same name. In this film, a woman, Thomasin, is accused of witchcraft, and the entire community turns against her. The movie has an electrifying soundtrack and a coven of witches. It’s also a cult classic, centered around a teenage girl with supernatural powers.

The Black Phone

The Black Phone is a new horror movie, which premiered at Fantastic Fest 2021. It is one of the most terrifying survival horror movies of 2022, and the excellent Ethan Hawke performs as “The Grabber” with an unnerving performance. It also stars Mason Thames as Finney and Madeleine McGraw as Gwen.

The Black Phone has a stellar cast, including recognizable faces and mostly unknown actors. The movie’s strong cast brings all of the story elements together. It also showcases the acting abilities of young children in the Hollywood industry. The film also highlights the power of friendship.

Horror is a genre that can take risks, and many new movies have been released in 2022. These movies will satisfy horror movie lovers and fans alike. From Fresh to Scream remake, 2022 has a wide range of choices for horror movie fans. A few movies have become instant classics, while others are destined for obscurity.

“You Won’t Be Alone” premiered at Sundance in 2022. It tells the story of a teenage girl who becomes a shape-shifting creature after being kidnapped. Though it has an anthology feel at times, the movie is still a good choice for horror fans.

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