The Best Zombie Horror Movies of 2022


Shivers is a fun slice of B horror that’s a must-see for fans of Cronenberg’s work. The movie is about a parasitic type of earthworm that causes its host to lose inhibitions and their clothing, and then attacks them. As a result, the film is very effective at creating the right amount of tension.

The film has a solid production value, great acting, and above average special effects. The score and direction are also impressive. It stars Brooke Markham as a lovable teen with a bad attitude. While there are some clumsy moments in the film, overall, it’s a fun movie with a decent soundtrack.

This Spanish found-footage zombie movie is a great way to get started with this genre. The film features a TV reporter and a cameraman who capture the screams of an elderly woman. When the authorities discover this situation, they seal off the building to contain the threat. The news crew is then trapped inside, with a lethal threat awaiting them. Their chances of survival are slim.

Despite the fact that this movie is a visual effects masterpiece, it is not without its share of gore and disgust. The filmmakers made great use of the grotesque effects and eerie humor to keep the audience’s attention. Without these elements, “The Sadness” would be tedious and boring.

South Korea has a reputation for making excellent zombie movies. The film “#Alive” is a great example of this, as the video game streamer locks himself in his apartment and has a neighbor living in the neighboring apartment. The two share a zipline to exchange food and walkie-talkies to communicate with each other. The movie is as much about human need for interaction as it is about survival. The constant threat of zombies keeps the tension level high throughout every scene.

Another good zombie movie is “Train to Busan” from South Korea. This movie is a must-see for any fan of zombie movies. This thriller blends action, horror, and drama to create a chilling experience. It has a strong cast and is an intense zombie film.

There are several new movies on Netflix and other streaming services to watch. Netflix and Hulu are both great options, but the Shudder service offers an exclusive selection of Horror movies. You can also get more movies by signing up to the service. It also includes a slew of older films.

Dawn of the Dead

For those who love zombie movies, Dawn of the Dead is one of the best. The film follows four individuals in an abandoned mall: two military men, a helicopter pilot, and a TV reporter’s girlfriend. It features some gore and gruesome make-up effects, a great cast, and an atmospheric setting.

The gore and violence in this zombie flick are intense, but the movie doesn’t drag. The premise is believable and the film presents the horror in an extremely realistic manner. The film also has plenty of humor and subtle society-mockery, while never dragging out the editing.

Romero is a revered architect of the zombie genre. In this third installment of his Living Dead trilogy, Romero depicts a world where the worst keeps happening. In this dystopian future, zombies have overrun cities and driven humans underground. Dr Sarah Bowman is a scientist who is assisting Dr Matthew Logan (Richard P. Rubinstein’s co-producer) in researching a zombie plague. The claustrophobic environment of a bunker keeps the two trapped. Meanwhile, Capt. Henry Rhodes leads a belligerent cohort of soldiers.

While the original film was arguably scarier than its sequel, Dawn of the Dead is still a great zombie horror movie. While it’s not the best movie of the year, it is still one of the best zombie horror movies of all time. If you haven’t seen the original, don’t miss out on the new one. This zombie film will be a favorite among horror movie fans for many years to come.

If you’re not a fan of zombie movies, there are plenty of other zombie movies to choose from. Dawn of the Dead is one of the most goriest films ever. Some of its scenes reach levels of disgust that few films can manage. This film was a major breakthrough for the gore guru Tom Savini. It’s also worth checking out for the movie’s famous line: “The living must die!”

If you are a fan of zombie films, you won’t want to miss Dawn of the Dead, starring Sarah Polley, Ving Rhames, Michael Kelly, Ty Burrell, and Ken Foree. The cast is excellent and brings a fresh perspective on the genre.

Among the best zombie horror movies of 2022, this one is a classic that fans will love. It’s a highly anticipated sequel to the original Night of the Living Dead, which launched the zombie movie genre and created an entirely new genre. Its storyline combines a real-world zombie world with issues that affect society today.

The sequel is a solid entry into the zombie genre. It carries over its nihilistic themes from 28 Days Later, but it also has some fantastic action sequences. The film hits all the right chords when it comes to being powerful.

White Zombie

If you have ever wanted to watch a zombie film, the White Zombie will not disappoint. Set in 2022, the film will show the evolution of the zombie and its political undertones. This is the second in a series of film programs, which will also include Living with the Walking Dead and Nightmares of Empire.

Unlike other zombie films, White Zombie was shot on the Universal Studios lot, and it borrowed a lot of props from other zombie movies. However, the film opened to negative reviews in New York, and the story was not well-developed or engaging. Despite its unpopularity, the film made a good profit for an independent feature. It was not, however, as popular as some of the other zombie movies of the time.

The film is a significant example of an American horror movie. It can be read as a cultural critique, because it exploits rumors of voodoo, which has historically been practiced to control African Americans. It also strengthens racial dichotomies.

Danny Boyle’s visionary approach to the genre is a great example. He follows a group of survivors in the aftermath of a virus that turns people into zombies. Unlike a walking dead zombie, the people in 28 Days Later can run, which makes the film unique. The film is also an excellent example of a zombie cult classic.

The film also includes a reenactment of the original horror movie Last House on the Left, which was written by Zombie. The movie features cruel torture, sadistic behavior, and a lot of bloodshed. A sequel to this film, The Devil’s Rejects, features another female hostage forced to physically abuse another victim.

After the sequel to The Last House, Zombie is also working on an adaptation of the 1960s sitcom The Munsters. Although the film is PG-rated, it is likely to have some surf rock or metal music. This will make it even more exciting for audiences.

Another notable zombie film is “Winter’s Bones”. Starring Nicholas Hoult as an aging zombie, “Winter’s Bones” is another great example of a rom-com. The film uses found footage to inject a sense of immediacy into the zombie concept.

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